О компании

Brief information about RA "Proponuy Robotu"

RA "Proponyu Robotu" - has been a leader in recruitment for over 15 years.

The main principle of our work is the timely and high-quality application of the client.

For each client we have an individual approach and a flexible payment system.

Quality: the technology of quality work is based on our knowledge of the criteria for evaluating the activities of specialists. Specialization of our recruiters by industry allows you to accumulate knowledge in certain areas and guarantee quality selection of candidates.

Timeliness: in the age of high technology and a huge information field, it is very important to be timely and efficient solve the tasks. And since these tasks are performed by company employees, there should not be many vacant places, otherwise the head does not receive the proper effect of his subordinates, therefore, taking into account your job, we We guarantee strict adherence not only to quality, but also to the timing of the selection of a specialist.

Recruiting Agency "Proponyu Robota" provides services for the search and selection of promising employees and qualified professionals.

Services for Employers:

  • Recruiting:
    • search for specialists by company resources *;
    • preliminary interviews with candidates;
    • Evaluation of selected candidates by employer criteria;
    • organizing meetings with candidates.
    • research:
      • Z / p level monitoring of Kiev and Kiev region for vacancies that are of interest to the employer
    • job vacancy support:
      • guaranteed replacement (free) selection of specialists **;
      • feedback from the client on the results of interviews before the full closure of the vacancy;
      • full privacy at work.
    • additional services:
      • providing room for interviews;
      • consultations and data on the labor market in Ukraine.
    * Company resources: Media, base of resumes, Internet, personal acquaintances. ** Warranty for a vacancy applies to cases where the applicant does not pass the probationary period stipulated by the terms of the contract. Replacement includes the selection of 3-5 new candidates for a similar specialty within a month. Our team strives to ensure that each of our clients can say - “They can be trusted"! < p>

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