Nowadays, the rapid development of business and the expansion of the fields of activity of companies one of the most important problems for management is the search and selection of qualified personnel.

The presence in the company of HR-manager or personnel service is not a universal solution to the problem of personnel search. Resume streams for a lot of vacancies, calls and interviews with candidates who are not suitable for the company, take 70% of the working time - and after all before HR managers there are still many more important tasks.

Cost of services and warranty

The process of finding candidates for positions of low and medium level takes from 2 to 5 weeks. For high-level positions, the average search duration is from 4 to 8 weeks.

Recruitment services are provided on a prepaid basis. The amount of the prepayment is from 70 to 100% depending on the complexity of the order.

The quality of the service is guaranteed by a one-time replacement of selected candidates who have not passed a probationary period.

We are ready to provide contact details of our clients to check feedback on our work.

Resume database

In our database, you can independently choose a specialist. Daily updated information is always up to date and fresh. And compiled professionally - all resumes are very convenient for finding candidates.

Recruiting - a modern necessity

Every company that sets itself ambitious tasks requires competent specialists to solve them. But keep in mind that such specialists are rare, and their search may take a lot of time.

To facilitate the task of personnel search - should give priority to a recruitment agency. In the modern job market, such agencies play a very important role.

Of course, if we are talking about finding a driver or a seller to the store, then this task can be solved with the help of job placement websites, one of which is the website of the Rabota Plus company link . But if we talk about the TOP specialists who are called to raise the business to a new level, you need to clearly understand that they are not so easy to find.

To begin with, they do not place resumes on all sites, do not "rush" to all jobs that fit their search criteria. They need to be able to find!

Recruitment agencies, work on the principle of finding a candidate until the full closure of an open job. Accordingly, turning to such an agency, you will be guaranteed to close the necessary position.

Modern recruiters have in their arsenal a lot more cadre recruitment techniques than “ordinary" HR managers. And for this reason it is necessary to choose a recruiting agency, if it became a task with finding a candidate for the TOP position.

Our recruitment agency has been operating in Kiev since 2006. We try to approach the issue of finding employees as competently as possible. During this time, a lot of companies managed to work with us, and we closed more than a hundred thousand applications.

Proponuyu Job Recruitment Agency is the path to your success. Trust your open positions to us - and we will solve your tasks as soon as possible!

It is worth paying your attention to our resume database : maybe there is already the candidate you need, and if you find him, contact with our experts, they will tell you how to contact him.

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