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Recruiting agency "Proponuy Robotu"

  • Резюме как необходимость
    Резюме как необходимость
    Каждый раз, когда вопрос касается поиска работы, то должны понимать, что неотъемлемой частью этого процесса является наличие качественного резюме. Далее мы более подробно рассмотрим, почему же именно резюме является главным аргументом при прохождении собеседования.
  • Люди и понимание: создаем лояльный персонал
    Люди и понимание: создаем лояльный персонал
    Опасность появления у персонала компании равнодушия к выполняемой работе – один из основных «подводных камней», препятствующих успешной работе организации
  • Рабочий день эффективно! Это возможно?
    Рабочий день эффективно! Это возможно?
    Не секрет, что управлять временем, пока еще не научился никто, однако, определенные хитрости, позволяющие успеть больше, за меньшее время, вполне реальная вещь!
  • Промоутеры в Киеве нужны повсеместно
    Промоутеры в Киеве нужны повсеместно
    Согласно последним исследованиям психологов, почти две трети решений о покупке товаров клиенты принимают непосредственно на месте. Именно поэтому такая профессия, как промоутер, важна для многих предприятий, продукция которых реализуется непосредственно жителям. Данная специальность возникла в Украине вместе с переходом к рыночной экономике и возникновением супермаркетов.
  • Сайт, как инструмент рекрутинга
    Сайт, как инструмент рекрутинга
    Большинство пользователей, как профессиональных, так и простых посетителей, не без основания, относятся к корпоративным сайтам – как к инструменту маркетинга. Тем не менее, сайт компании, в том числе, довольно продуктивно использовать, и как сильный рекрутинговый инструмент.

Recruitment agencies - the need for a modern labor market

The modern labor market is a complex structure and subject to many factors that can drastically change the situation in this sphere of human activity. At the time, as a modern business, trying to adapt to various changes in the politics and economy of the territories where it is located, often open to its subjects, there remain questions of staffing

Recruiting staff is precisely the aspect that modern recruitment agencies are called upon to assume. The company does not always have the time and experience of its employees to attract new staff or to select among the existing candidates, the most worthy. Managers, especially today, are forced to devote themselves, entirely and completely, to solving the problems of the business itself, external and internal issues of doing business. And here, professional recruitment agencies come to the aid of companies - structures that deal specifically with recruitment and other personnel related issues.

Recruiting staff - a very important point, because it is the staff that solve many issues in the successful management of their business by the company. Choosing the right staff for the tasks put forward by a particular job is not easy. Recruiting staff is a job for both a psychologist, and a competent "personnel officer", and for security specialists.

Recruiting personnel - “headhunting” in the stone jungle

Recruiting has now become not only popular, but also profitable. Receiving quite good dividends, for successfully attracted candidates for certain companies-customers, recruiting companies are also fully responsible for the personnel they select. Therefore, the attitude towards their duties, among those professionals for whom work is recruiting, is often more responsible than that of full-time personnel officers who are forced to “close” vacancies that have fallen on them.

Today, domestic recruiting Kiev, like other major cities, is divided into several main types:

  • •  classic recruiting staff through a resume database search ;
  • •  Target search, for specific tasks of a job;
  • •  resonant head hunting.

If in the first two cases, recruiting agencies are engaged in the current selection, going through hundreds of questionnaires in databases, then recruiting, according to the principle of “head hunting,” is today the most profitable and most responsible type of attraction of necessary personnel.

Using all of the available methods, head-hunters seek to obtain specific candidates at the disposal of their customers, leading a real hunt and, often, encountering serious resistance. Today, in recruiting staff in this way, it accepts only highly professional specialists who are confident in their abilities and in the final result.

In any case, even “classic recruiting”, in the modern business world, is a necessary phenomenon. The ability of companies to redirect part of their efforts by setting recruitment tasks for professionals makes it much easier for customers to “live”, leaving both time and energy free to solve other issues that are equally important for modern business.

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