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Does the lack or shortage of qualified specialists prevent your company from developing? To solve this problem, we are working!

If you do not have enough time to find the right specialist. If you do not know where to find the deficit specialist. "If ..." - it means that the time has come to apply to the "Proponu Robot" recruitment agency.

  • Why should this agency be Proponyu Robotu
    • 1. We have vast experience in recruiting specialists in various business areas.
    • 2. We have the most accurate and up-to-date information about the labor market.
    • 3. We save your time by providing only the best candidates.
    • 4. We know where the right specialist works for you.
    • 5. We always negotiate the cost of services with the client.
    • 6. We focus on long-term cooperation.
  • What can Proponyu Robotu agency do for you?
    • 1. A structured overview of the labor market for positions that interest you.
    • 2. Recruitment by recruiting.
    • 3. Testing special knowledge and skills.
    • 4. Checking recommendations.
    • 5. Mass recruitment.
  • What expertise do we own?
    • 1. Our consultants and recruiters have the experience of recruiting specialists of higher and secondary managerial link, qualified professionals from different industries.
  • In which areas does Propony Robot work?
    • 2. Finance and Accounting;
    • 3. HR, Personnel Management;
    • 4. Office and administrative staff;
    • 5. Advertising, Marketing, PR;
    • 6. Information technology;
    • 7. Law, Law;
    • 8. Sale, Trade;
    • 9. Production;
    • 10. Printing, Design;
    • 11. Construction, Architecture;
    • 12. Logistics, Warehouse, Foreign Trade;
    • 13. Media, Publishing.

Finding the right employee occurs in several steps:

1. Preliminary discussion of the order.

You contact us in any way convenient for you:

  • • by phone: (044) 537-37-17
  • • Fill out an application for finding an employee on our site

After that, within a few minutes your personal manager will contact you, who will acquaint you in detail with the technology of our agency, will answer all your questions, if necessary, help fill out an application for specialist. The manager makes an appointment at any time convenient for you for a more detailed discussion. vacancies and contracting.

From the very first minutes after receiving information about a vacancy, we begin an active search for candidates, including on our database of job seekers, which is constantly updated!

2. Professional recruitment

Submission of resumes and interviews with candidates begin with the signing of the contract and the application. When searching professionals we use our own resume database of applicants, mass media, social networks, Internet resources, professional knowledge of consultants, recruiters, personal contacts and contacts, and other methods search.

At any time you can get a report from the consultant on the progress of the project: what sources are used for the selection, how many applicants were invited for an interview at the agency, by what criteria their candidacy was rejected, or recommended for consideration, etc.

3. Submission of applicants

As a result of the search, selection and evaluation of applicants, we present on average from 3 to 10 candidates that best meet your requirements. In addition to their resume, you also receive a consultant's opinion, recommendations from candidates' past jobs, and, if necessary, the results of professional testing. At the request of the Client, an in-depth verification of the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate is carried out. Our manager will prepare and organize your interviews with candidates.

4. Hiring a candidate

The candidate is considered accepted for work from the moment of his actual coming to work to the Client. Within five days from the date of the Candidate's employment, a bilateral act on the services rendered is signed. From the same day and for the 1st month our company bears warranty obligations for the accepted candidate. Replacement is made FREE!

5. Integration of the candidate in the company

During the entire trial period, we are accompanying the candidate - a set of activities that allow the new employee to integrate into the company in the shortest possible time. If necessary, we offer options based on the personal and professional qualities of the candidate, based on the organizational structure of the company and the corporate culture in it.

6. Mass recruitment

Mass recruitment implies recruitment that does not require special knowledge and skills for this area. activities, as well as working specialties. The term of the application is 1 month. It is convenient for you so that you can to solve the problem with the staff now * and prepare personnel reserve for the future.

We will be happy to answer in detail all your questions about personnel search, incl. on top positions by phone. (044) 537-37-17, or in our office

* - during the application period

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